The Realms of the Gods (The Immortals)

By Tamora Pierce

Daine controls the destiny of Tortall during this exciting end to the Immortals sequence, that includes an up to date conceal for longtime lovers and clean converts alike, and together with an all-new afterword from Tamora Pierce.

During a dire conflict opposed to the fearsome Skinners, Daine and her mage instructor, Numair, are swept into the Divine geographical regions. even if they're chuffed to be alive, they don't seem to be the place they need to be. they're desperately wanted again domestic the place their outdated enemy, Ozorne, and his military of odd creatures are waging warfare opposed to Tortall.

While trapped within the perilous geographical regions of the gods, Daine discovers her mysterious parentage. yet because the secrets and techniques of her earlier are published, so is the treacherous as far back as Tortall. And so Daine and Numair embark on a rare trip domestic, the place the destiny of all Tortall rests with Daine and her wild magic.

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The god checked out it. “Ready? ” he requested. Gold-streak nodded. Silver gentle exploded, and so they have been long past. Numair straightened their camp. He crammed their fireplace pit and the ditch that had served as a privy, scattering leaves and stones to make where look untouched. Daine packed, quickly stowing their assets. wide Foot, Leaf, and Jelly watched from a secure distance. “It’s pretty much as good because the courtship dances of cranes,” the duckmole remarked. after they complete, he created a pouch in Numair’s clean blouse, and materialized in it. “You by no means stumble upon one another, and also you by no means attempt to do an identical projects. ” Daine smiled up at her tall pal. “We’ve been doing this for a while,” she defined. “I’ve misplaced count number of the camps that we’ve submit and damaged down,” Numair reached, as though he desired to stroke her cheek, then dropped his hand. “Where do the darkings experience? ” Leaf coiled round Daine’s neck. Jelly, nonetheless aquiver, tucked itself right into a pocket of the girl’s breeches, letting simply its makeshift head stick out. this present day Daine set the velocity. She knew precisely how briskly she and Numair may stroll jointly, simply as she knew how frequently they'd to leisure. the guy and large Foot talked quietly; Numair had a good many questions about the house of the duckmole’s mortal youngsters. Daine and the darkings watched their atmosphere. The small blots have been involved. cautious, the lady carried her bow in her unfastened hand. She sought after no surprises. Their path led downhill, via a much less seriously forested land. It was once virtually midday once they got here to the slender arm of a swamp. “Mauler’s Swamp? ” requested Daine, on the grounds that Numair used to be their map. The mage nodded. “There may be a bridge forward. ” Daine pointed. The bridge was once a low one, emerging a handful of inches over the waters floor. shaped of sturdy-looking logs, it will carry them away from the murky water till they have been thoroughly throughout. Mosquitoes and biting flies got here for them once they stepped onto the bridge. Killing the bugs did no sturdy: They have been gods, and restored themselves immediately; their useless our bodies fell into the mouths of ready frogs and fish. Their bites raised welts that itched crazily. eventually Numair spun a fiery magical protect to maintain the issues at bay. The bugs buzzed open air, on a degree with the people’ faces. “The bears and the deer allow us to feed off them! ” protested a horsefly. “Muskrats,” a tiny voice stated; Daine couldn’t see who spoke. “Don’t omit them. ” “They are gods,” Numair answered lightly, undisturbed via a talk with bugs. “No doubt they substitute their blood immediately. we're not gods. ” “Mortal blood tastes best,” additional the small voice. “It has lifestyles in it. The blood of gods doesn’t” “I can’t start to let you know how sorry i'm to disclaim you any such treat,” Numair acknowledged. “You comprehend rather well shall we holiday that guard, if we needed to,” cried a blackfly. “We are gods, in the end. ” “What solid is blood that’s given so grudgingly? ” the horsefly grumbled. “What strong certainly? ” inquired the mage, voice gentle. “Selfish,” a mosquito snapped.

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